As a result of the last few months we have been extremely excited to have opened our very own Farm Shop as part of our continued renovations and constant improvements here at Jacksons. With the complete overhaul of the Garden Shop we saw an opportunity to create something entirely new and as a result we have created this new and wonderful shopping experience.

To help create the best shopping experience possible we have had lots of custom built display units created especially for the Farm Shop to make the most of our new shop space. With these new display stands and shelves packed full of great produce and home baked goods we are sure you will find lots of wonderful treats to take home and enjoy.

We wanted to put an emphasis on great local produce wherever possible and we were absolutely thrilled with the options that were available to us. The testing process was extremely rigorous and thorough which allowed us to cherry pick the very best for our customers. This level of taste testing is always enjoyable but we felt it was important to ensure the quality here was consistent with what you have come to expect from Jackson’s.

As part of our large and varied selection we carry lots of fresh fruit and vegetables grown and sourced locally and organically wherever possible for the best quality and flavour. We felt this was a fundamental part of our plans and helps us to provide a true one stop shop! We have also been careful to implement measures to ensure no food waste will be created from stocking fresh produce by also using the high quality goods and ingredients in our tearoom kitchen.

It is not only fresh fruit and veg that we have stocked up with. We also have a vast range of pre-made and packaged foods from some of the best and most reputable suppliers across the country. While we have been keen to put an emphasis on local we do not want our customers to miss out on some of the great stuff that’s out there to be enjoyed.

Rocky Road

We are also selling lots of fantastic cakes with our in house baker Jess working tirelessly to create some truly wonderful creations for all of our customers to enjoy. From her famous Triple Chocolate Brownies, Rocky Road & Whole sponges to Gluten Free cakes we have a great selection to choose from. Whether it is catering for a party or event or just if you feel like spoiling yourself we highly recommend indulging!

Of course we didn’t just set out wanting to sell great food; we also wanted to offer lovely homeware products that will help enhance your home and/or make for fantastic gifts. With this in mind we have sourced a great selection of items from some lovely suppliers. We are offering everything from kitchenware to stationary to celebration cards and lots in-between.


We can honestly say we believe we have created something wonderful here with our farm shop and after all of the hard work that has gone into it we hope you will take the time to come and have a look for yourself and hopefully find something to take home and enjoy.

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