If your plum trees have been blessed with a fantastic harvest of plums this year like ours then you will need this recipe to help use them up. Our Chef has passed on a fantastic recipe which is great for a Christmas present that you can make ahead or with your buffet food on Christmas Eve.

Preparation and Cooking time 50 minutes

375ml Red wine
Mulled Wine Spices
Zest of 1 Orange
1.8kg Plums,  stoned
1.8kg Sugar


  1. Add the halved plums and wine to a large preserving saucepan
  2. Place the spices and zest in a muslin bag and add to the pan
  3. Bring to the boil and simmer gently for 15 -20 mins or until the plum skins are soft
  4. Remove the muslin bag and add the sugar stirring until dissolved
  5. Bring to the boil and boil rapidly for about 10 mins until setting point is reached. Remove any scum
  6. Pour into cooled, sterilised jars. Seal and label

Makes approximately 6 x 450g jars

Why not grow your own Plums?
There’s something very satisfying about growing your own fruit. We sell three delicious varieties of plum all perfect for making your own jam, other plum recipes or just to eat as part of your 5-a-day!

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