As we are sure some of you have noticed the garden shop has had somewhat of a face lift over the last few weeks and is now fully stocked and looking fantastic! To go with this our new Farm Shop is getting closer to completion every day. This new indoor shop space has been renovated from top to bottom in order to provide our customers with a fantastic place to browse everything ‘garden’.

We have tried to make the best use of this space possible and are thrilled to say we are stocking more items than ever before as a result and no matter what you are looking for there is bound to be something to pique your interest. We are also pleased to report that the new shop layout is perfect for wheelchair users and mums with prams and provides enough space to navigate comfortably.

The expanded range of products allows us to cater to the needs of budding gardeners of all ages and abilities. If you are just starting out in the exciting world of gardening we have a great range of tools and gardening supplies to get you off to a flying start.

Our expansive range of seeds, feeds and everything in between is sure to help give you an addition boost along your way to gardening success.

Of course it definitely helps to have an idea of where you intend to be planting things and it is with this in mind we are striving to give you as many options as possible. We have expanded our range of potting solutions greatly to ensure that every location and circumstance needn’t go without. We have lots of containers and planters of varying colours, materials and sizes to match the surroundings of any garden or backyard.

Now let’s not forget Mother Nature and the wildlife we are all lucky enough to enjoy. Our range of fantastic garden decorations and ornaments are sure to help bring your outdoor space to life! Combine this with our great range of bird feeders and tables and you are bound to attract as much or as little wildlife as you desire. Of course this is but a small selection of the new shops wares and it is highly recommended you check it out for yourself.

Of course it is not just inside the garden shop that has had a face lift, our plant area has been subject to similar renovations and that combined with a new layout and lots of great new displays is chocked full of gorgeous plants and amazing products to compliment them.

As we come into plant bedding season there has never been a better time to come and check us out. We have a great range of bedding plants and experienced members of staff always on hand to provide help and advice.

For those who have visited us already since the renovations began, we are sure you are curious about the farm shop. Well we shall have lots more on that soon!

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