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Gardening for Beginners

How to Make your Own Terrarium

Terrariums are a fun and creative way of bringing nature into your home. They look wonderful when placed in a sunny spot on your dining table, or in a windowsill, and are easy to care for. Planting a terrarium is also suitable for children; perfect for the summer...

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Simple Rose Guide

If you are unfamiliar with Roses then you may be confused as to what the acronyms that follow our rose names on our website mean. These are an indication of which group the rose in question belongs to. At Jacksons Nurseries our roses are split into eight distinct...

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How to Plant Shrubs and Trees

Timing Container grown plants – any time of the year but remember that autumn is best because the soil is naturally moist but not waterlogged, the sun is not too strong and critically, if the temperatures are not too cold, plants will develop fine root hair that gives...

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How to Plant Bulbs

Bulbs are an excellent addition to any garden. They provide a splash of colour in your borders throughout the year, many can also be planted in containers to provide a burst of colour anywhere in your garden, or even in your lawn to give an informal look to your...

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Hanging Basket Tips

Hanging baskets a easy and cost effective was to add some colour to the outside of your house if you don’t have a garden. Here are our tips on how to perfect your hanging baskets: Plant summer baskets in late April after the worst of the frosts but be prepared...

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Easy Guide to Growing Roses

ROSES Roses look wonderful, most smell terrific, are easy to grow and hardy, which means they can be left outdoors and flower year after year. Give them lots to eat and drink, a bit of love and appreciation and you’ve cracked it! There are hundreds of cultivars and...

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