Bare Root Hedging, Trees & Shrubs Available Now

Now that the first few frosts of the season are behind us it’s time to start shipping our Bare Root Hedging, Trees & Shrubs.

Bare root trees and shrubs are perfect if you want to plant a hedge or just need to cover a large area of land. A great alternative to containerised plants at a fraction of the cost.

Bare Root season usually lasts until March but we always advise planting early in the season for the best results and to avoid missing out if the planting window is reduced by a mild end to winter.

We stock many of the popular hedging choices are Beech, Common Yew and Hawthorn. Choose holly plants if you’re looking for a spiky, impenetrable intruder-proof screen; Sorbus Aucuparia for white flowers and red berries (deciduous); or Box hedging if you want something that’s slow growing, long lived and looks smart when kept well-clipped.

Full Bare Root Available:

Bare Root Abies Normanniana – Nordmann Fir
Bare Root Acer Campestre – Field Maple
Bare Root Alnus Glutinosa – Common Alder
Bare Root Betula Pendula – Weeping Silver Birch
Bare Root Buxus Sempervirens – Common Boxwood
Bare Root Carpinus Betulus – Common Hornbeam
Bare Root Cornus Sanguinea – Common Dogwood
Bare Root Cornus Sericea Flaviramea – Golden-twig Dogwood
Bare Root Corylus Avellana – Hazel
Bare Root Crataegus Monogyna – Common Hawthorn
Bare Root Fagus Sylvatica – Common Beech
Bare Root Fagus Atropurpurea – European Purple Beach
Bare Root Ilex aquifolium* – Common Holly
Bare Root Larix Decidua (Europea) – European Larch
Bare Root Ligustrum Ovafolium – Oval Leaf Privit
Bare Root Malus Sylvestris – Crab Apple
Bare Root Picea Abies – Norway Spruce
Bare Root Pinus Sylvestris – Scots Pine
Bare Root Populus Tremula – Common Aspen
Bare Root Prunus Avium – Wild Cherry
Bare Root Prunus Rotundifolia – Cherry Laurel
Bare Root Prunus Padus – Black dogwood
Bare Root Prunus Spinosa – Blackthorn
Bare Root Quercus Robur – Common Oak
Bare Root Rosa Canina – Dog Rose
Bare Root Rosa Rugosa – Hedgerow Rose
Bare Root Salix Caprea – Common Willow
Bare Root Salix Cinera – Grey Willow
Bare Root Salix Fragilis – Crack Willow
Bare Root Salix Sepulcralis Chrysocoma – Golden Weeping Willow
Bare Root Salix Viminalis – Osier Willow
Bare Root Sambucus Nigra – Common Elder
Bare Root Sorbus Acuparia – Rowan
Bare Root Taxus Bacatta – Common Yew
Bare Root Tilia Cordata – Small-leaved Lime
Bare Root Viburnum Opulus – Dog Rowan

*Ilex aquifolium does not transplant as bare root so is supplied potted

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